What People Saying

There is something about Beth that makes you dig deep. That makes you challenge and push yourself every day. What is even more noticeable than the physical changes are the internal changes: the confidence and the positivity. She has been so instrumental in changing my life that Thank you will never be enough.


Over the years, Beth has continued to remind me that I can do anything I set my mind to and be whoever I want to be—something we all seem to forget over the course of our adult life. She has encouraged me to face my fears, go after my dreams and has helped me to evolve into someone I knew I wanted to become on more levels than just fitness. And she reminds me to keep positive along the way!


Beth has not only taught me how to train and eat right, but also how to push myself in a way that has actually gotten me results. Beth is not just a trainer—she is an absolute mentor. She makes you want to be accountable to yourself, your training, and your nutrition. She always knows how to be encouraging without being intimidating, and all while helping you to achieve your goals (and then set new ones).


Amazing, inspiring, motivating, sensational, fabulous, focused, determined, supporting, caring, uplifting, awesome… I could go on and on and on about life-changer Beth Linder-Moss! She is all these things and so much more!


She has taken a girl who never exercised and shown her how to have funwhileexercising. I have become a different person because of her.


Beth never gives up on you, even when you want to give up on yourself. I have had times in my journey where I’ve lost focus and direction. Beth never gave up on me. She encouraged me to come back and start again.


I'm feeling better than I've felt in years! I could not be more thankful for Beth!
I've never been more confident. I used to eat healthy foods but did everything else wrong. I ate the wrong portions, ate too late at night, sometimes ate too much and other days I'd hardly eat at all. Sticking with Beth’s nutrition guide, I've learned to control all of that and be on a schedule. Some days, I find that if I'm stress eating, fruit is enough natural sugar to feed that craving! She believed she could and so she did!